Pita, painting, and baby smiles {7 quick takes}

Did you hear about our uterus baby? Come on, come here, find out. Take a little demographics survey for Call Her Happy?

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Me: Thanks, Honey. Ellen: It a booger. We also finally ventured out of the house after tons of vom and icy roads keeping us trapped inside Shining -style.

We pumped up the Taio Cruz, and I told Ellen to throw her hands up in the air. She obliged. This was my favorite blog post of the week.

It is only January and I already have two favorite blog posts of all time.

pita, painting, and baby smiles {7 quick takes}

This one too. This girl. This girl smiles on her own time. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home start here blog sponsor shop 30 Days to Calm contact jenna. There it is.

Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I love the hands in the air pic. Glad you all are feeling better! Hahahaha 4 is hilarious!!! Hope you have a good weekend! You too, Caitlin!Showing posts with label 7 Quick Takes. Show all posts. It's been awhile since I updated my blog here. Over a week and a half to be exact!

I'm beginning to be consistently inconsistent with updating my blog, but I'm not really sure if that bothers anyone but me. I know I'm a few days late on the link up, but that's blog and real life sometimes. I've been busy getting a much needed haircut! This is the same salon where my daughter got her haircut last year. My daughter donated 10 inches and I cut and donated 8 inches.

Somebody needed my long hair more than I did! The salon gives free haircuts if you donate at least 8 in. Locks of Love. The reason the salon donates to Pantene is because they will give wigs to cancer patients where Locks of Love charges people for the wigs.

I haven't confirmed this information, but it sounds like a good reason to me to donate to Pantene. And while I was at the salon one of the hair dressers looked so much like my oldest daughter! I had to do a double take! Here's my daughter and the arrow below is pointing to the hair dresser that I think looks like my daughter. What do you think? It really did "wig" me out. And here's the "After" shots It's so much cooler and faster and easier to manage my shorter hair!

Last week our family participated in an awareness campaign for Dystonia. Have you heard of Dystonia before? My parent's neighbor, Tomhas suffered many years with this disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions that cause slow repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Tom has written a book titled Diagnosis Dystonia about his life and journey as he continues to battle the disorder everyday. His story is inspiring and I was so happy that he asked if my kids could JumpforDystonia one afternoon last week at my parent's neighborhood pool as a way to make others aware of the disorder and have a little fun at the same time.

The Smith kids loved to JumpforDystonia. My daughters take gymnastics and so I had them and their friends jumping too! And then my daughters' teachers were so kind to show us their mad jumping skills For more information about Dystonia and Tom Seaman's book be sure to visit his website.

Speaking of gymastics, my almost 2 year old daughter is super flexible and she doesn't get that from me or my husband! That's not quite unusual for a little tot, but she is like really freaky flexible. Crazy huh?Over the holiday I enjoyed sewing and creating a few items. So bright and funky, she loves it. It was simply a matter of cutting the bodice top off and turning the edges over. Quite handily the rows of shirring on the back meant no elastic was needed. Inspired by pictures on pinterest, I next made a strip skirt.

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Circle skirts are so easy to whip up, quick and full with a lovely swing. Hoping to make a couple more. I am inspired! Gemma-Rose could do with some skirts. I will have to get the sewing machine out. Though I think I will have to use heavier fabric than you. It must be warmer up your way!

I wish I had girls to sew up some cute skirts. That's the most gratifying sewing project! Dear Erin, I am making red flannel nighties for the Vellvin, Moran, Myffwyn and Arwen as well as red flannel petticoats for me and Vellvie.

Vellvin with my help has been sewing skirts for the younger girls too. We have had some lovely times doing this together Love Gae. Well Done! It's been quite a while since I have done some sewing for my girls — you must feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you all, we have really enjoyed this project.

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Actually we've been busy buying other outfits and upcycling them, Princess has now amassed a nice wardrobe. Your email address will not be published. A great sense of accomplishment and I'm sure the girls are very pleased. Erin, I am inspired! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Thanks for the living room love! It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned but it sure makes coming home more fun :.

I loved that version of Robin Hood as a kid! My guys identical twin boys who are 3. Today was a am day. Fun times. We have one of those clocks that changes color so they know they can't go downstairs until the clock turns yellow, but man alive, now we need to work on them being QUIET while they wait for the "sun" to come up.

And congrats on bambino numero 2!! Robin Hood is a favorite in our house too. And it has been played before 7 am on more than one occasion. Pages Home Barefoot in the Kitchen. Friday, October 10, 7 Quick Takes. On the one hand I cannot believe that I am only 30 weeks pregnant because it boggles my mind that I can continue to get bigger for the next 10 weeks.

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I expressed this thought to my husband and he assured me that I can and will I think he may have missed the point but anyway. On the other hand, I cannot believe that at some point in the next 10 weeks please God - let this little one have a different attitude than her brother we are going to have ex-utero children!

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I know that I will love and treasure this little girl I already do but at the end of most days I feel like it's just been one parenting or spousal fail after another on my end.

For instance, it is only 8 am and Leo is already watching Disney's Robin Hood.

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This is Leo's obsession. No other movie will do. We have tried to introduce other films and at the end of the day the only thing that our little lion desires is his beloved "Robbie".

pita, painting, and baby smiles {7 quick takes}

I had a theory that it was because it featured talking animals but Dalmatians certainly held no attraction. In actuality that is totally fine because we only watched the first 20 minutes or so and I had forgotten that it is a rather dark movie. Oh man, see what I've done?! I've completely strayed from my original point and that is that I never wanted TV to be, well, "A Thing" in our house.

Maybe nature videos from Animal Planet and Discovery Channel but that was supposed to be the end! But that was before pregnancy insomnia reared its ugly hideous head and Leo went from waking up between 7 - 8 am to 6 am.

pita, painting, and baby smiles {7 quick takes}

Or even before 6 am. Which leads me to this I hate it when people use God's name in vain so please excuse that BUT that is the closest thing to how I feel when I hear Leo wake up in the morning before 7 am. That and this. Thanks to a number of Facebook shares I recently discovered this site and have had some many much needed laughs. The cluster-feeding one might just be my favorite. One of the best birthday gifts I have ever received came this year in the form of a subscription to Magnificat.Made it through my first week of training last week.

Due to a host of technical issues, the exam we were supposed to take last Friday was pushed back. I only missed one question.

Despite passing the exam, I am frustrated by training at work. At first I thought most of it was user error and I still think a lot of it isbut I experienced some kinks this week too. It took me about 45 minutes on hold with the Help Desk to get someone to take 3 minutes to unlock it for me. I am NOT ready for live calls at all. So back to the good news. I posted two recipes this week and listed them on the Reddit ketorecipes page. The first one, my Pita Pizzas, blew up!

I was raking in the page views and ended with for the day. I was ecstatic! And the best part? I can tell from my stats that people are reading my other posts also though not with the same frequency, to be sure. The people there have been so supportive, and they have such a deep knowledge base that Canadian Bacon and I have been turning there for diet advice. I can spend hours just reading the collective knowledge and creativity on that site. CB and I took our weights and measurements today.

We both have accounts. Then I randomly decided that I should do it. I have most of the plans in place… I need to just write.

The next three weeks are jam-packed with fun and excitement. And CB and I want her to check our blood pressure and use the calipers on us for updates there, too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lest you think I am starving myself coughMeemawcoughthis was my breakfast today. I eat this quite frequently. I have my first yoga class tomorrow at 2pm.

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I am nervous!! Show More.

Creating and Smiles

Related Articles. Starting fresh December 18, We Bought a Condo! July 11, Praying for a great childbirth experience for you and for baby to decide to come without medical coaxing. Congratulations to your husband! It must be so excited to look at houses.

7 Quick Takes vol. 37

My husband's dream job is a professor, so I know how hard it is to secure a position. He's currently going on 9 months of unemployment after graduating with his PhD, so he'd kind of given up on that route and is looking for any job.

We spent the past several months doing novenas to St. Josemaria Escriva and St. Joseph the Worker. I have always loved St. Josemaria and every time I have said a novena to him I have been greatly blessed. Not necessarily in the way I asked for but that is the beauty of prayer and the way God works :. I hope Leo's birth will be spectacularly wonderful! Looking forward to seeing photos of a new baby! Praying that baby Leo comes before Monday!

That'll be the start of our "past due" clock ticking too. So I'll offer up my worries for your worries! I'll pray for an easy weekend arrival! That's so wonderful.

How exciting that you're moving to VA! I'm pretty biased, but I think it's absolutely the most beautiful state : Front Royal is particularly beautiful and real estate is SUPER affordable - some good friends of ours are about to move there after they have their baby in March, so if you need an agent or an instant mom friend, let me know! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!

Congratulations to Ben; that's amazing!! My husband is currently applying for PhD programs in English, so we're a few years away from a permanent teaching job for him, but I am so excited for you!

I have a few friends from Christendom and there are tons of young Catholic families who stay in the Front Royal area. Praying for you and little Leo; have a good weekend, Hannah! Congratulations on the job! Hope you have a baby very soon; being late is miserable.

Thank God I only had to go through that with Well hello Friday! I decided to be extra ambitious this week and follow Jen and her cool crowd with 7 Quick Takes all my own!

Cheers to having three month olds control your life! So, without further ado:. I am beyond impressed with the cloth diapering of two tiny tushes! And I have a friend with twins who said she pumped 56oz. Love the pictures, the honesty, and the beautiful reality of your little sprouts.

Sometimes the 45 minutes spent going to the grocery store alone at 9pm is the highlight of my week, duly rivaled, of course by the sweet little smiles I see on sleeping faces. Blessings and hang in there! Haha, great takes! I'm new to your blog and love the creative way you did the takes. Have you read Sarah at andtwinsmakefour. I believe her girls are approx. I love the pics version!!

And you deserve an award for cloth diapering two cute bums at the same time. They are soo cute! I agree! You deserve an award. Two babies in diapers, period, is plenty of work! Cloth is an impressive feat. Your girls are soooo darling!!

Love the pictures! And we used to laugh at my daughter's cloth diaper bubble butt- too cute!


I new to your blog over from Jen. Those baby pictures are just so stinkin adorable: So awesome that you are cloth diapering both of them!! Loved your quick takes! We also CDed and I loved the big bums! Your girls are just precious! Posted by Sheena Share:.


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